Custom Built Transformers

We can design and manufacture many special transformers from the smallest size of around 25VA, up to the larger sizes, around 1.5MVA. This also includes medium voltage units of up to 6.6KV or high current products up to many thousand of Amps.

Our manufacturing facility is well-equipped for volume production and engineering fabrication for all special builds and projects.


Boardman Transformers' core range of products are available to purchase through many of the leading UK and international distributors and we are always happy to provide details of where our transformers may be bought.

Should your requirements be of a more specialist or bespoke nature, we ask that you contact us directly to speak to a member of our team.

121kVA Bespoke Transformer Special Transformer Enclosures 3 30kVA Bespoke Transformer Special Build Transformer 4 Industrial ROV Transformer Industrial Transformer 1 25 MVA