Custom Built Transformers | Bespoke Transformers

Boardman Transformers specializes in providing tailored solutions for manufacturing products with precise size and power requirements, particularly for demanding applications. The company prides itself on offering a "minimum of one" solution for their bespoke and commissioned products, undertaking special order projects ranging from 25VA to 1.5MVA.

With an in-house team of design engineering professionals, Boardman Transformers has the capability to offer a comprehensive concept-to-delivery service to customers across a wide range of industry sectors, including original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). They are dedicated to providing guidance and support to clients during the initial stages of product design, leveraging their expertise to ensure optimal solutions.

Boardman Transformers has earned a solid reputation as a trusted supplier in various sectors, including the industrial, electric vehicle (EV), marine, oil and gas, and control panel industries. They supply domestically to the OEM markets, as well as internationally to regions such as the Far and Middle East, Europe, and North America, demonstrating their global reach and impact.*

The company warmly welcomes inquiries of any scale and volume for power transformers, control transformers, and associated equipment, and they are readily available to discuss specific requirements. Moreover, they are equipped to provide customer testimonials and references as needed, showcasing their commitment to fostering strong and trustworthy relationships with their clientele.

*All Boardman Transformer products are designed and manufactured in the UK. We export to a global marketplace and are consistently able to compete with worldwide manufacturers in terms of quality, price and customer service.

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