Industrial Transformers, Three Phase 160kVA - 750kVA | 3CL Range

Three-phase Industrial Transformers designed and manufactured to comply with IEC61558 and IEC60076. These are double-wound Isolation Transformers for continuous duty and complete with earth screen between the primary and secondary windings.

Three Phase Power TransformerIsolation Transformer with Earth Screen between Primary and Secondary
StandardIEC / BS-EN 61558, IEC60076
Insulation ClassF
Insulation Resistance> 5 Meg Ω
Dielectric StrengthPrimary to Secondary > 2.5kV Primary to Earth > 2.5kV Secondary to Earth > 2.5kV
Ambient Temperature40℃
DutyContinuous duty at the rated kVA
CoreHigh Grade Electrical Steel, Securely clamped and tied
WindingsGrade 2 Polyester covered Copper round wire or Nomex covered Copper Strip
CoolingOpen Transformers - AN Enclosed - ANAN Fan Cooling can also be provided on special units
TerminalsDin Rail mounted, Stud or Copper Bus bar according to the current level.
EarthingEarth Screen between Primary and Secondary Windings with cable brought out and bonded to the Core and all Steel Metalwork.
Three Phase 160-750kVA Industrial Power Transformer 1 Three Phase Transformer 160-750kVA_2
VA A B C Weight kg
160kVA 840 440 840 720
200kVA 1080 450 1000 900
250kVA 1080 475 1000 1100
300kVA 1080 500 1000 1400
400kVA 1200 450 1200 1750
500kVA 1200 500 1200 2000
750kVA 1320 500 1320 2400


Boardman Transformers' core range of products are available to purchase through many of the leading UK and international distributors and we are always happy to provide details of where our transformers may be bought.

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